PM Science NEW 2016

The PreissMurphy Science® series is a 4-level program for early primary students written specifically to cover the International Consolidated Standards (ICS) framework.

Join Sam, Sally, and Mr. Simon as they apply the scientific method throughout the series which encourages an enquiry-based style of learning.


PreissMurphy Science is a flexible and engaging series that has the ESL student in mind, utilizing accessible language, colorful photos and illustrations, and diagrams to assist in visual understanding and comprehension of the concepts presented.


Each unit commences with the learning objectives to help teachers track progress and a vocabulary list. There are comprehensive activities and exercises to reinforce student comprehension of each concept.

Each unit concludes with an experiment or investigation to encourage a deeper understanding of the concepts presented in the unit through discovery and application of the scientific method. A unit review is also included to help teachers evaluate the progress of each student.

An interactive CD offers additional exercises for the student to complete at home or in class.



P.M Science Student’s Book and MultiROM Pack
KG 978 1 940721 73 6  
Level 1 978 1 940721 74 3
Level 2 978 1 940721 75 0
Level 3 978 1 940721 76 7