7 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Teaching Methods

1.  Use miming to act out new vocabulary or phrases with students.
2.  Use humor in your lesson.  For example, before introducing a topic or text that may seem a bit boring to students, tell a funny story or joke that ties into the lesson.
3.  Use music and singing to stimulate student’s minds to learn.  You can teach new words, express ideas and concepts, and even play music quietly in the background while students are working (instrumental music works best).
4.  Use imagery to make connections between words and images.  This is an amazingly effective way to learn.  For example, have the class close their eyes, and then tell them you are holding a book.  Ask questions like, “Is the book old or new?”  “What kind of book is it?”  “What kind of picture is on the cover?” “Whose book is it?”  You can choose any object and make up many different kinds of questions.
5.  Personalize student’s learning experience.  This means connecting the material to how it relates to them.  Allow for discussions as a whole-class, pairs, or groups of students. Have them write down their experiences, prior-knowledge, or even questions they might have about the material. Use these ideas to get them interested in what they will be learning.
6.  Have students create personalized journals.  Each morning or when students finish their work, have a topic for them to write about in their journal.  You might collect the journals weekly for assessment of the students’ writing, but more importantly you will get to know your students better.
7.  Give students choices.  This means giving different options for completing a project, for example. Students may create a poster, make a video, write an essay, or give a PowerPoint presentation.  The possibilities are endless and adaptable depending on your lesson.

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