About Us

PreissMurphy, an international leader in academic books and resources, is a top-rate global provider of comprehensive solutions for educational institutions and schools, offering research-based curricula, textbooks, educational apps, digital resources, professional development programs, and management consultancy targeted at educators, schools, instructors, students and parents.
At  PreissMurphy, books are at the heart of our delivery to the academic environment. Via international-quality and curriculum-based books like Playhouse, Grammar Kids, and To The Max series, we create outstanding learning experiences and provide life skills that drive students' knowledge and advance their journey of success.
As consultants in the area of curriculum development and content provision, we produce and provide wholesale and wholesome multi-media educational solutions. Through programs and teacher-training workshops, we prepare teachers and give them the tools to effectively teach in the  21st century.
PreissMurphy employs a cutting-edge, multiplatform approach in its provision of well-rounded vehicles that transport students to achieving excellence, and is fully aware of the popularity and convenience of digital technology and visual/electronic aids to the learning environment today.
PreissMurphy website www.preissmurphy.com;is integral to achieving our overall goal. Created as an all-in-one site offering valuable information about available curricula and relevant books, it also provides links, methodologies, tips, strategies and tools.
Our mission as publishers is to transform education by providing resources in every sector of the learning market. We strive to enhance the educational experience by engaging students, parents, educators, administrators and all members of the learning team by becoming a symbol of excellence in the arena of educational resources.