A Look at the "Flipped Classroom"

The flipped classroom is an approach to teaching that reverses the traditional method of teaching. What happens is all the material taught in the class will be learned at home and the “homework” is done in class.  Why?  You may ask; so that students become more productive and gain better understanding.  The productivity is increased because students are able to watch a video of the lesson at home, at their own pace while taking notes (use the pause button!); this also allows time for reflection on the material. Any questions that students may have can be asked in class and explored further through discussions, collaborative work and inquiry.  This allows students and teachers to spend the “homework” time together and be able to connect with others so that learning is enhanced.  This approach might be more accommodating for high school students because of the technology and responsibility involved, but really it’s up to you.  If you think that your middle schoolers will be able to handle this type of learning—give it a try.  It may revolutionize your classroom!
It is important to recognize that the flipped classroom takes careful planning and preparation.  It is critical students understand how this model of learning works and why you have chosen this approach. 
If any of you have tried the flipped classroom or have comments about this type of learning I would love to hear from you!
If you are interested in learning more about the flipped classroom check out these websites.

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