Read to Your Child: 9 Tips for Parents

·        Reading aloud to your child helps to develop vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.
·        Using facial expressions when reading a story helps your child to understand meanings.
·        Being interactive when reading a story with your child is fun.  It’s ok to pause the story if your child has questions, or wants to act out a character’s line.
·        Using your finger to follow the words in the story helps your child to recognize words and follow the sentence direction.
·        Rhyming and rhythm books are great for beginning and young readers.  These types of books are often predictable and fun for children so they can participate and feel actively involved in reading.
·        Having books readily available for your child encourages them to read (even if they are just looking at the pictures in the beginning stage).  Keep a variety of age-related books (fiction + non-fiction material) at a level they can reach.  Also, keep some books in the car.
·        Taking trips to the library also encourages your child to read; allow them to pick out stories that interest him/her.
·        Setting a time to read with your child shows that you want to spend time with him/her and that reading is important.
·        Letting your child see you reading quietly may inspire him/her to read also.

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